A successful dialogue for the future of sustainable energy

Mathieu Ronsin, head of EnergieKontor, and his two colleagues allowed residents to go through an educational journey in six stages, illustrated and accessible to all.

As part of the call for expressions of interest in 2019, EnergieKontor responded and became the winner. Mathieu Ronsin, director of EnergieKontor in Toulouse, presents with strong conviction “EnergieKontor France (EKF), which has an office in Toulouse for the Occitan solar market, the French branch of the German group, which is now 30 years old”.

“EKF develops photovoltaic installations through quality, aesthetic and architectural projects that integrate harmoniously into their environment and take into account issues of agriculture, nature and heritage”.

The manager is pleased with the attendance of so many people tonight who will not spare him with their questions. “Consultation with the population is essential. Tonight we want to be enlightened with information and dialogue. We are primarily interested in the agricultural specificity of the project and we appreciate the presence of a farmer who is expected to use the agrovoltaic surface with no less than three hundred sheep”.

Joëlle Abadie can only be satisfied with the success of this evening, which, in addition to hospitality, ensures a certain cohesion around the project. He does not hesitate to recall certain peculiarities of the project, such as “this land, which is located in the municipality of Capvern and belongs to the municipality of Tilhouse. It is possible to develop livestock breeding. This project contributes to saving the planet, it is a supplement for farmers who can move away from fossil fuels.”

The public will be full of questions for the company and the town hall, relevant, technical, economic and ecological questions. A great moment of information and dialogue.

In the audience, Patrick tells us: “I am interested, I participate and I am curious. This project does not cause any nuisance. I prefer it to wind turbines. No pollution, only renewable resources. I appreciate this village of life through such demonstrations”. Marine is invited by the mayor, who is responsible for economic development and energy at CCPL. He is naturally interested in this joint project. This evening is an open space for asking questions.’

Georges, the village elder, found the answers to his questions: “I want to know what this project is about, and then I wanted to hear what the material used for the supports was. galvanized and that is very good. And then, you have to do the electricity. ..”

Laurence also wanted to know about the project: “It is interesting for sustainable development. Organic farming has a promising future.”

Discussions continued around the buffet and a questionnaire was distributed to them to continue their participation if needed.

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