Born. The club is decorated with an ambitious program!

The famous Ruthenian concert hall recently presented its program for this first part of 2024. Starting Saturday, February 3, with a techno evening organized by Dominotek and Art & fact.

Within the walls of the club, avenue Tarayre, all the lights seem to be green! “We are leaving with great optimism! Economic and institutional partners are present, volunteers are also present, everything is going well”enthused Fred Joao, director of this performance hall, at the unveiling of the structure’s programming, from February to June.

A positive note that stands out, while the beginning of 2023 was more difficult, marked by a reduction in public funding. But all that is ancient history for the Club, which now moves on to these next months of festivities.

With events that are particularly close to the heart of Fred Joao and his team. First of all, let’s recall the evening concert in support of the cultural café Pic-vert in Millau, which burned down last night from November 7 to 8. “It was only natural that they could have their evening at our place. The proceeds from the evening will of course be donated to them.”, he notes. Artists Korttex, Enlòc and Elektro Jane will moderate this moment. Because the club wants to use its plebiscite and establish itself as a point of reference in Rouergue. That’s why we organize, for example, the evening before entering Rastaf and also a concert in front of the Pueblo Latino d’Arvieu. “It is important for us to maintain the influence of the department, to welcome an audience mainly from the urban area, of course, but also from the whole of Aveyron”confirms Fred Joao. In the same sense, if the concert hall welcomes many artists from elsewhere, it wants to highlight some local gems.

4,000 people are expected at Pitt ocha

In the club, the Ruthenian duo Antes & Madzes will play the release party of their new EP, planned for a concert at the Boule Noire in Paris, on April 6, two weeks after the official release. “They debuted during the Yo Festival, I can’t remember what year, the director dives into his memories. They are among those locals who manage to break through elsewhere, they deserve it and we welcome them very proudly.” Not forgetting to mention the Barback Ogres arrival card on La Primaube. Four months before the first performances of Pitt ocha, the big top show, there is only one date to buy. Everyone else was attacked. Nearly 4,000 people are expected to attend the event from May 30 to June 2. Enough to confirm the optimism shown by the Club!

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