Discover 10 perfect plants to energize and calm your office!

Plants have become an office necessity and we will tell you why they are so important.

Why put plants in your office?

Incorporating plants into the workspace goes far beyond office beautification. Office plants play a multifunctional role and significantly contribute to the improvement of the working environment in several aspects.

  • Stress reduction: The presence of green plants in the work environment has a calming effect acknowledged. Studies have shown that the mere presence of vegetation in the office can reduce stress and anxiety levels among employees;
  • Increased creativity: plants can also stimulate creativity. A green and lively work environment encourages innovative and creative thinking. Visual contact with nature helps refresh the mind and allows employees to think more freely and creatively;
  • Improved concentration: Bringing plants into the office can also improve concentration. Their presence reduces distractions and helps employees focus on their tasks. In addition, plants can improve air quality, which contributes to a healthier work environment, thereby increasing the ability to concentrate;
  • Increase motivation: Races can increase employee motivation. Working in a pleasant, aesthetically pleasing environment can increase morale and job satisfaction. A workspace decorated with plants can actually make employees happier and more engaged in their work;
  • Enhancing general well-being: the benefits of plants for overall well-being are undeniable. In addition to bringing a touch of nature, they help create a more welcoming and comfortable work environment. This can have a positive impact on the overall mindset of employees and promote a better work-life balance.

Large plants for a pleasant office

When designing an office, it is essential to choose large plants that combine easy maintenance with a strong visual impact. These varieties fit harmoniously into the work environment, providing greenery and energy with minimal care. Here are five plants ideal for larger office spaces.

  1. Zamioculcas (ZZ plant): its ability to thrive in low light conditions, combined with minimal water requirements, makes the ZZ plant a practical choice for low-light offices;
  2. Aglaonema: not only does this plant add vibrant color with its variegated foliage, but it is also tolerant of indirect light, making it ideal for offices with limited natural light;
  3. Dracaena: also called the dragon tree, its impressive size brings a touch of nature and freshness to professional spaces. Thanks to its preference for indirect light and moderate watering, it is easy to maintain even for novice gardeners;
  4. Money Tree (Pachira Aquatica): its tolerance of indirect light and its symbolism of prosperity make it a popular addition to offices. Moreover, its maintenance is simple, limited to occasional watering;
  5. Arica Palm: Ideal for large spaces, Areca brings a tropical and dynamic atmosphere. It requires little care and at the same time effectively cleans the air.

These large plants are therefore not only aesthetic, but also practical for offices, requiring little attention and at the same time improving the atmosphere and quality of the working environment.

Small plants to beautify your office

Small plants are charming means of personalizing and brightening the office corner. They offer a simple and elegant way to incorporate a bit of nature into your workspace, while requiring minimal maintenance. Here’s a selection of small plants that excel at easy care and the ability to thrive in an office environment.

  1. Pothos: easy to maintain, pothos likes indirect light and brings a touch of hanging greenery. Its ability to thrive in low light makes it ideal for windowless or artificially lit offices;
  2. Pilea Peperomioides: This plant is valued for its unique appearance and easy maintenance. Its distinctive round leaves will add a touch of originality to any space;
  3. peperomia: With its many varieties, Peperomia is a popular choice for offices. It offers a variety of textures and colors while being compact and easy to manage;
  4. Syngonium: Known for its easy care and arrow-shaped leaves, this plant is perfect for adding a touch of greenery without crowding a space;
  5. Spider plant (Chlorophytum Comosum): robust, easy-care plant, ideal for shelves and tables. Its arching leaves and aerial shoots create an attractive visual effect.

These compact plants are ideal for bringing a bit of nature into small spaces, improving the atmosphere and air quality, while requiring minimal care.

Adding plants to your workspace isn’t just about decoration. It’s an investment in your mental health, productivity and overall well-being. Whether you opt for a large, majestic plant or a small, charming plant, each choice will bring a touch of nature and tranquility to your office.

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