Discover one of the most beautiful gardens in France, a hidden treasure of a Brittany castle

Château de la Ballue is located in Bazouges-la-Pérouse (Ille-et-Vilaine) and was built in the 17th century. Famous for hosting many celebrities in recent centuries (Victor Hugo, Alfred de Musset, Honoré de Balzac and François-René de Chateaubriand stayed here to find inspiration), today it is intrinsic to its impressive gardens.

Harmony and poetry

“The garden offers the visitor an impression of harmony and poetry,” we can read on the castle’s website, which highlights the “exceptional elegance” and “refinement” of the place. This incredible place has almost disappeared. Designed in 1620, it was gradually left abandoned until it was turned into a potato field in 1942.

The Ballue Gardens were finally renovated in 1973 by architect Paul Meymont, then evolved under new owners. The total today is divided into 14 different spaces, including six groves. Visitors’ senses will be delighted by white wisteria, cypress, magnolia, fragrant water lilies and climbing jasmine.

Green Theater and Labyrinth

They can admire the green theater while walking. It is a semi-circle of scalloped yew walls, transplanted in April 1997. The whole thing even has four side shelves, a green background and a grassy stage. The most daring will venture into a labyrinth inspired by a sketch of the famous architect Le Corbusier.

The harmony of the site has brought Ballue Gardens numerous awards. Marked “A remarkable garden” since 2005 they have also won the “European Garden Award” in 2018. They are open from March to November, they are also accessible the rest of the year, on request by phone. Count on 10.50 euros per visit. And to help you enjoy this haven of peace a little longer, the castle has guest rooms with spas and a heated outdoor pool.

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