Don’t touch worm castings in your garden, it’s a wonderful natural fertilizer!

They are often condemned by lovers of a beautiful uniform green lawn. Castings, also called twists, are the droppings of earthworms (worms) that come out of tunnels dug in the ground. These little piles, considered unsightly by some, are actually particularly useful for the garden, as the “Lazy Gardener” blog explains.

Topdressing to limit their appearance

Besides the ground being a little bumpy and uneven, these casts become visible when you mow the lawn very short, which is sacrilege for the most meticulous of owners. Some would even go so far as to try to kill earthworms in their garden with preparations, which results in a significant reduction in the quality of the soil.

To have less and less, one solution is to make your soil lighter by fertilizing, which also improves its structure and quality. It is also necessary avoid watering your lawn too often. Casts actually develop more on the surface in a moist environment because the earthworms are then forced to climb to the surface to breathe. And if you really can’t stand these piles anymore, you can always break them up with a broom and spread them out or just pick them up.

A great natural fertilizer

However, this would not be the best option for the health of your garden. Although not the most aesthetically pleasing, castings contain two to eleven times more minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc.) than the surrounding soil, making them an amazing natural fertilizer.

This organic matter is also rich in bacteria that improve soil drainage. Finally, it should be noted that vermicompost, compost made from earthworm droppings, is considered one of the best green fertilizers. Something to think about before you want to get rid of the casts.

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