‘I didn’t offend anyone’: customer for 10 years, removed from his bank ‘for no reason’

Resident Rouffiac Tolosan’s bank account will be closed in March. Faced with this decision is incomprehensible.

Ghislain P. had to read the letter several times, as if he wanted to make sure of its content. On January 13, this resident of Rouffiac-Tolosan, a town north of Toulouse, received a letter from his bank, Société Générale. As the lines go by, his impression turns to certainty. He is knocked down. His account, which was credited with 285.87 euros, will be closed on March 13. A three-month deadline to find a bank that would accept the transfer of your file. “I didn’t understand what was going on. I always got along well with them…” slipped the 51-year-old man.

He had been a client of Société Général since 2013. This former sales manager at a cleaning company had run into financial difficulties in recent months. “I had problems paying off the loan for my apartment and paying my employees. But I always paid back what I owed,” he assures. Ghislain P. regularly overdrawn his overdraft by €400 and had a number of defaults, “but never by large amounts”. In recent weeks, he said he was getting things back on track, that he would “make ends meet”.

New beginning

Over time, his financial situation became the subject of a dispute with his bank. Ghislain P. communicated by email with his bank advisors and was already carried away by his emotions; called Société Générale “thieves”. “But I’ve never offended anyone,” he swears.

When asked, Société Générale referred to “bank secrecy”. “That’s why we can’t answer you on a private matter,” he says. The bank states “that when it comes to closing accounts, the reasons for terminating relationships are multiple and are examined on a case-by-case basis. In all cases, the bank carries out its activities in accordance with regulatory requirements (…) The bank does not have to justify its decision if the account was not established after the activation of the right to account procedure.

Ghislain P. recently opened an account with Crédit Mutuel. Its file is being transferred. A few days ago, Rouffiacois sold his shares in his former cleaning company. He received 9500 euros. A man in his fifties is looking for a job. He registered with many temporary employment agencies: “Nothing is won, but I can do it,” positive Ghislain P.

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