Involvement of Quercy blanc citizens in the energy transition

On Tuesday, March 26, the association Avenir Vivant et Citoyen en Quercy (AVeCQ) organized a conference-debate on energy transformation and sobriety in Montcuqu. A theoretical presentation of different forms of energy and possible energy mixes was given by Lara Tran, facilitator and technician of the ECLR (Citizen, Local and Renewable Energy) network, which raises awareness and supports project leaders – collectives of citizens, professionals and communities – committed to the development of civic and participatory renewable energy.

First, there was an update on renewable energies and the energy mix of the Quercy blanc region with a quiz offered to the room. Because renewables are “intermittent and predictable,” an energy mix is ​​used. For example, the share of electricity represents 24% of the Quercy blanc energy mix, the share of renewable energy (wood and solar energy) 22%. The weight of road transport was mentioned. It represents 38% of the energy consumed in Occitania.

Promotion of solar parks on a human scale

Then the topic of renewable energies and their impact on the environment was addressed: their distribution in percentages, CO2 emissions, land use and preference for artificial soil, share dedicated to agrovoltaism, recycling of panels at the end of their life rated at 96% by Lara Tran.

The third peak related to projects managed and supported by citizens, an example is the citizen cooperative Lotois Fil d’Ohm represented by two volunteers, Guillaume and Jean-Pierre. Fil d’Ohm is advocating the creation of “human-sized” solar parks instead of the multi-hectare industrial fields that are causing protests, and is setting up a €270,000 project in Cieurac on a former landfill, funded by 112 members. supplemented by a loan.

The floor plan is only 4000 m2 for 700 panels mounted on a wooden structure, without concrete. The output is 250 kWp with an annual production of around 300 Mwh, which corresponds to the consumption of around a hundred households. The region and Ademe (Agency for Ecological Transformation) support the initiative. Another project is being studied in Constans.

The meeting concluded with an exchange of views with the public, relevant remarks and questions that illustrated the awareness of the participants and the urgency to act without further delay.

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