Kepler Technologies launches SahmPay, a comprehensive payment solution

Kepler Technologies, an Algerian company, a leader in the financial technology, FINTECH sector, today presents SahmPay, an all-in-one mobile payment application. SahmPay offers a number of practical features, including the ability to add EDAHABIA and CIB payment cards to make transactions easy and secure. It also enables the payment of invoices for basic services that cover major billers such as SONELGAZ, SEAAL, as well as fixed and mobile phone services.

To launch its SahmPay app, Kepler Technologies is part of a responsible business approach by announcing a charitable partnership with the Sanabel El Kheir Association. The result of this partnership is a contribution to the association of 10 DA for every transaction made on SahmPay. In addition, Kepler Technologies is committed to actively supporting the charitable initiatives of its employees by matching their individual contributions, increasing the impact of their generosity.

Simplified financial management: The benefits of SahmPay

SahmPay brings a revolutionary financial management experience by centralizing essential payments and simplifying everyday transactions. This all-in-one platform facilitates the payment of electricity, water, telecommunications and mobile phone recharge bills, providing a complete and convenient solution.

With integrated financial management including a payment schedule and a detailed dashboard, SahmPay allows users to plan their payments, track their financial history and have a holistic view of their spending, simplifying their day-to-day financial management. Additionally, with its user-friendly interface, SahmPay provides an intuitive experience even for new fintech users, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Innovation behind SahmPay

The design of SahmPay was motivated by the desire to simplify and improve the daily life of users in Algeria in terms of financial management. Faced with a large number of platforms, websites and traditional agencies that need to pay bills and top up mobile lines or internet plans, the SahmPay team identified an urgent need to centralize these operations. Mr. Salhi, Manager of Kepler Technologies states “ Our ambition was to offer users a single, intuitive and comprehensive solution that eliminates the need to juggle between different interfaces and offers an alternative to long waits in traditional agencies. »

Complete App: Key Features

The platform offers a number of practical features, including the ability to add multiple bank cards such as EDAHABIA and CIB cards for easy transactions. In addition, it allows the payment of essential bills, which include electricity and gas (SONELGAZ), water (SEAAL) as well as landline and internet services (Algérie Télécom). SahmPay users can also top up mobile credits with 3 operators: Mobilis, Ooredoo and Djezzy. In addition, the app offers a detailed dashboard showing complete transaction history, broken down into categories and months, allowing for accurate financial tracking. Finally, it offers the ability to program payment reminders to facilitate invoice management.

This all-in-one payment application represents a significant advance in the daily financial management of Algerian citizens. SahmPay offers a range of features carefully designed to simplify and optimize everyday financial transactions.

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