Places you should definitely not put your compost

Author: Aude Godfryd

To maintain the quality of the compost, certain places must be avoided. Sun, wind, roots: you need to protect your equipment from these external influences. Our advice.

Compost is a mixture of organic materials that you don’t need, but for various reasons can’t put everywhere in the garden. Here are the least suitable places.

Under trees with invasive roots

If you choose to place compost under a tree in the shade, make sure the tree’s roots are not invasive. Otherwise, they risk developing directly in the soil by gradually eating the available compost. Eventually, the container may be damaged. Double punishment.

In broad daylight

If you compost outside, without a cover, do not leave it in the sun. They will have the effect of speeding up the decomposition process. When you use it, it will be less effective and already dry because it will remain for hours in the heat, during a heat wave or prolonged drought. Choose an area in the shade or semi-shade.

In areas with strong winds

To keep your compost as long as possible, you should avoid areas with drafts or strong winds. In fact, they will have the effect of drying out the materials that make it up.

On impermeable ground

Create a permeable surface so that the contents of the composter do not rot. This actually happens if you don’t use it regularly or if its volume is large. Avoiding impermeable soils allows for the drainage of any excess moisture that occurs, which would run down towards the ground, stagnate and risk medium or long-term rotting.

In your area

Place the composter at a reasonable distance from the home for aesthetic reasons and so that you do not have a view of the composter. It’s not the prettiest thing in the garden. This will also avoid the disturbance of possible odors given off depending on what makes up your compost. Your neighborly relations will thus be preserved.

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