Puygouzon. School lottery at the first meeting of the AFSP

As part of the activities and events organized by the Association of Puygouzon School Festivals (AFSP), the traditional school lottery opens the annual meeting calendar. This Sunday, February 4 at 2 p.m., in the Anne-Sylvestre town hall, there will be many prizes to be won: for games dedicated to children, a drone, games and books.

For the lucky ones, two days of entry to Port Aventura for four people, hams, household appliances, packed baskets and vouchers. At the end of 2023, the association held a toy and childcare fair where a large crowd wandered around, looking for something to offer or equip themselves. The Christmas snack offered to all school children was a highly anticipated moment with treats and surprises under the tree to enhance educational, educational and sports activities. In order to finance festive events and participation in educational trips, AFSP organizes various sales (madeleines, chocolates, etc.) throughout the year. Another memorable date, a fair to celebrate the end of the school year together, is planned for Friday, June 28. A number of association volunteers are waiting for you at the lottery, come and try your luck! All profits are fully donated to school projects.

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