Roques. Body, literature and art in harmony

Moulin de Roques recently transported the public to a day full of activities to properly celebrate the Night of Reading, during which the body, literature and art met in magical harmony, celebrating the power of words, movement and bodily expression, with a clear theme: the body.

Treat the little ones to a “County Saturday” hosted by Richard and Nathalie, masters in the field, listening to poetry and stories. An auditory experience that will tickle little ears.

A time for music, words become movements thanks to a fiery “just dance” tournament. Around twenty young dancers, novices and experts alike, competed in a frantic competition, remote control in hand, perfect swaying, eyes glued to the animated screen and maximum release of steam in order to respect the projected choreography.

After exertion, the musical “choco boom” snack, the sweet spot for the afternoon. A break and a musical, ecological and humanist fable with the Clak Cie show. “The story of a snail” that invited you to travel to the height of the blades of grass.

After the excitement, a great moment of sharing discoveries and relaxation with the aperitif boom “After quiches”, based on a literary exchange that allows you to be carried away by the magic of words.

Gluttony was at it at the “Chocolate Expo”, inspired by emblematic works of literature. Like chocolate magicians, artists turn words into gourmet sculptures.

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