Shed, swimming pool, greenhouse: what rules to follow when installing an extension in your garden?

Garden shed, pergola, swimming pool, greenhouse: you have many solutions available to develop your garden. But beware, sometimes you need to request a building permit from your town hall. The website of the public administration provides an overview of various cases.

Let’s first look at the case of a permanent addition such as a cabin, garden house, fixed grill, inground pool or even a pergola. The need to go through the preliminary process depends on the size of the installation. Outside the protected sector, “if the dimensions of your installation do not exceed 12 meters in height and 5 m² in area (floor area and plan), you do not need to apply for planning permission,” the report states.

Permanent attachment

If one of these thresholds is exceeded, the owner must make a prior notification of work or obtain a building permit. The Department of Town Planning offers a teleservice to find out what formality needs to be applied for. Please note that for production frames and greenhouses, the threshold is set at 1.80 meters.

In a heritage-protected area (near a historical monument, a heritage-protected location or an important heritage reserve), it is always necessary to apply for a building permit from the town hall (prior announcement of works or building permit).

Temporary attachment

The rules are more flexible for temporary additions such as garden greenhouses, gazebos or even above-ground swimming pools. It depends on the length of the installation of the installation during the year. If less than three months remain in the unprotected sector, no action is required. In the protected sector, this period is reduced to just 15 days a year.

If you want to keep the attachment longer, you must request building permit at the town hall. Depending on the size of the construction, it will be a prior notice of works or a building permit. To find out, you need to contact the Ministry’s teleservice.

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