The co-founder of Ripple had his crypto accounts hacked and lost $113 million

Chris Larsen, co-founder of the Ripple network, had 213 million XRP of cryptocurrency stolen, equivalent to $113 million.

Big scare for XRP cryptocurrency users on the Ripple network. Cryptocurrency was stolen from several private wallets on Wednesday. And not just any, since these are the wallets of the co-founder of the Ripple network (which has XRP as its native cryptocurrency), Chris Larsen, who immediately communicated about it.

In total, 213 million tokens, equivalent to $112.5 million, were siphoned from his wallets. “This is an isolated incident and Ripple wallets are secure and have never been compromised. We have confirmed that almost all of the funds involved were transferred from XRP,” the latter explained.

XRP is falling

According to the latter, cryptocurrencies will be quickly found, because hackers tried to transfer and launder them on several well-known platforms such as Kraken, so the movements are traceable. The affair should not disrupt the exchanges around the crypto XRP, but it still dealt a hard blow to its price. In fact, XRP lost 4% in one day and remains in the red this Thursday morning.

It is clear that crypto networks have been breached in recent days. Even the Solana network, considered much more robust than a few months ago (we remember various blockchain outages), had to go through outages after the launch of a particular cryptocurrency, called Jupiter (up) . It was a giant promotional operation with free cryptocurrencies in the form of airdrops.

But this promotion went a little off the rails and made some mistakes. As a result, the price of the solana cryptocurrency has suffered in recent hours, dropping 7% in one day and falling well below $100 after a weekly gain of 25%.

Antoine Larigaudrie with Pauline Armandet

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