The year 2024 full of festivities

Municipal council. The first meeting of the Villefranche city council this year. Although there were few points on the agenda, the year promises to be full of festivities.

DThese activities will be offered throughout the year. One event per month will be highlighted and there will be several during the summer.” Mayor Jean-Sébastien Orcibal announced the color. The year 2024 will be full of festivities in Villefranche. After January’s Reading Night, an event organized by Manufacture, activities will multiply in the coming months.

FEBRUARY : Occitan weeks. Efforts were made to bring together the Occitan associations of the region to highlight the event.

March : Poets’ Spring.

April :We wanted to create an event that would start the tourist season, as is done in Najac with the Salon du Goût explained the mayor. See you on April 13 with the return of the procession of penitents from the chapel of the Black Penitents in the heart of Villefranche to its arrival at the chapel of the blue penitents at the site of Calvary.

May : Highlighting the new Guy Laffite Jazz Fund, which was recently bequeathed to the municipality and is prominently displayed in the media library. Conferences, exhibitions and concerts will be offered.

June : Meules Bleues is exported to Villefranche. A mob ride will be offered (Villefranche, Najac, Villeneuve), before a popular evening concert with current music.

This month will also herald the start of the Saint John festivities (four days of celebration) and the start of the event around the now traditional republican aperitif offered by the city.

July: Voices in the bastide. The choirs of the region will come together and offer a rich and varied repertoire in the heart of the city.

Subsequently, on July 14, the public holiday will revolve around a barbecue at St Jean (proposed by Stade Villefranchois) and the popular evening ball.

On July 20, Nadau should attract crowds to Place Bernard Lhez. Finally, members of Cap Solidarité will offer a lyrical festival (“Opéra en Bastide”) at the end of the month.

August : The month will start events around dance, especially Latin dances. Afterwards, the bastide festival takes up residence in the bastide towns of Rouergue.

The Musical Labyrinth will offer two evenings focused on Baroque music on August 16 and 17. The following week, the 24th, a big concert is announced (current music). Finally, AJAR will close the month with the 2nd year of its jazz festival.

September: sororities will have a party on the 7th of the month.

October : The month will be dedicated to Pink October, breast cancer screening and awareness month.

November: A month dedicated to gastronomy with the new edition of Festa Foie Gras, which the municipality of Villefranche wants to maintain and develop. The foie gras and charcuterie competition will be open to neighboring departments this year.

Finally a month december will be dedicated to year-end celebrations.

Please note that cultural spaces, USP and Ajar programming will also be highlighted.

Finally, on May 25, several local actors will be mobilized to emphasize the application of citizenship and the work of fraternity.

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