these roses that bear the name of the stars

Roses, clematis and even orchids have been named after some living or deceased celebrities. An overview of these plants with their famous names.

The rose is the favorite flower of the French, florists sell it the most. It symbolizes love, beauty, passion and fragility. We offer it to a person to show them our love or affection. If there are more than 100 species of roses, there are an incalculable number of hybrids, these flowers are obtained by cross-fertilizing the egg of one plant with the pollen of another plant of the same species. We therefore have to find names for all these new varieties of roses, and sometimes nurseries, rose growers and breeders decide to pay tribute to a famous person.

“Line Renaud” rose.

French actress and singer Line Renaud gave her name to a pretty rose with a wrinkled heart in 2007. According to the breeder of this rose, Meillanda, it blooms “on a rosebush endowed with exceptional resistance to diseases “. The Line Renaud rose variety is characterized by flowers with a diameter of 13 cm in Indian pink color. Gives off a sweet citrus scent.

The rose bush, very thorny, can reach 80 to 150 cm when mature, depending on growing conditions. Since its inception, this beautiful rose has won 13 awards, including the “most beautiful rose of France” award in Lyon, the main rose award of the SNHF and the golden rose of Český Hradec Králové.

Rose “Julio Iglesias”

The Spanish singer became famous for his songs I didn’t change, Gwendolyn AND I am old to live is now known to florists. The Julio Iglesias rose is characterized by being bi-colored, red or pink and creamy white. It perfumes the garden with notes of verbena and exotic fruits. Rosebush, “with its dense and regular vegetation it forms a nice bush about 70 to 80 cm in size”according to the creator, Meilland.

You can use Julio Iglesias pink bushes to decorate borders, create low flower beds or to decorate balconies and terraces.

Rose “Claudia Cardinale”

Created by Dominique Massad in 1997 for the Guillot rose garden, the Claudia Cardinale rose is a tribute to the great Italian actress. This cultivar has light yellow flowers with a lighter center, with a diameter of just under 10 cm. The Claudia Cardinale rose perfectly resists low temperatures down to -15°C as well as rose bush diseases.

The Guillot rose gardens explain that this flower blooms in July and then is a “a real bath light straw color, like a sunny wheat field”with “Strong and refined fragrance”.

“Paul Bocuse” rose

“Paul Bocuse” rose.

The Paul Bocuse rose, also acquired by the Guillot rose gardens, this time in 1992, refers to the famous French chef. It is characterized by pale orange petals that give off a scent of melon, cherry and green tea. Now you can find it in many gardens because it can withstand heat and temperatures around -23°C.

Paul Bocuse was dazzled by this rose. He thanked Jean-Pierre Guillot, “Creator of so many wonders that make the world more beautiful and definitely better”.

Rose “Bernadette Chirac”

The House of Delbard was created by Bernadette Chirac Rose in 1979, when she was a simple town councilor in Corrège and her husband was not yet the President of the Republic, but already the Mayor of Paris. This rose can reach up to 170cm and can bear nombreuses épines. Yellow and orange flowers resemble a sunset.

To obtain this rose, André Delbard created a hybrid of a rough rose bush (also called a Japanese rose bush). The shrub is great as a defensive hedge and can decorate a flower bed from June to October.

More roses named after celebrities

“Charles Aznavour” rose.

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