This rainwater collector, which can be easily installed on the greenhouse, allows you to achieve great savings

Collecting the rainwater that falls from your roof is a very common practice. But did you know that there is another easy and effective way to achieve this with a garden greenhouse? Since 2015, “Les Serres Tonneau” has been selling a kit that allows you to install a rainwater collector directly on your shed. A patented product, as explained by Alexis Tonneau, director of the family company founded in 1872, based in Linselles (north).

Very easy to install

Installing the kit is very simple. Specifically, it includes a tarp that is glued to a tarp already placed on the greenhouse, and PVC and aluminum rails adapted to the size of the shelter. “All you have to do is wedge the sail into the rails and create a slight slope so that the water automatically flows into the gutter, which must be fixed on the rails,” continues the thirty-year-old young man. However, the company does not supply the gutter, as well as water tank for installation near the greenhouse.

To collect rainwater, the kit works on the same principle as the roof of a house. Thanks to it, individuals can very easily collect all the water that drains from the top of their greenhouse. It then accumulates in a trough and is stored in a tank until use.

“So precious” water

The rainwater collection kit easily adapts to all garden greenhouses.  Copyright (c) Les Serres Tonneau / DR.
The rainwater collection kit easily adapts to all garden greenhouses. Copyright (c) Les Serres Tonneau / DR.

With its invention, “Les Serres Tonneau” wants to offer a solution for optimizing the large area of ​​the garden greenhouse and above all reduce waste drinking water. Because captured rainwater can be used in many ways. “Most customers use it to water plants,” says Alexis Tonneau. Not only do they save a lot of money, but they also water their vegetable garden in a practical and ecological way. »

Stored water can also be used to wash your car and even for home use if individuals have a larger underground storage tank, the company says. In any case, it is a “concrete gesture to save water and protect the environment,” says the manager, urging “not to let this precious rainwater flow away unnecessarily. »

Between 152 and 459 euros

The rainwater collection kit can be adapted to the whole range of greenhouses designed by the company, but also to all other shelters on the market. He doesn’t ask no special interview. “This tarp offers additional protection and the rails ensure a strong and easy installation,” advises Alexis Tonneau.

The price of a product made in France depends on the model of the greenhouse and its length. It costs 152 euros for a three-meter shelter or 459 euros for a twelve-meter structure. The company, which has 14 employees, mainly offers greenhouses and tarps on its website, but also numerous accessories such as shade nets, watering and irrigation systems and even heaters.

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