Want to turn your balcony into a suspended haven of peace? Here are the best decorating ideas!

Having a balcony means having valuable outdoor space, especially in an urban environment. But how to beautify it and make it a pleasant place to relax? This article will guide you simple tips decorate your balcony with plants, making this small space a corner of paradise.

Rules to follow to create a nice balcony

Creating a beautiful balcony that meets your needs and reflects your personal taste is an exciting project. Decorating this small outdoor space begins with choosing a color palette that not only calms the mind, but also helps feeling of more space. The use of soft, light colors can radically change the atmosphere of your balcony.

For efficient use of space, consider folding or stackable furniture. These options are ideal for small spaces as they free up space when the furniture is not in use. A small relaxation area equipped with a deckchair or hammock can become your haven for moments of relaxation in the open air. Add to that a pleasant dining area with a folding table, ideal for outdoor dining or moments of relaxation with a book or a drink. It’s a great idea to add weather-resistant outdoor rugs and cushions for added comfort. Not only do they add a touch of style, but they also make the space more welcoming and comfortable.

Tips and ideas for beautifying a small balcony

Beautifying a small balcony requires creativity and good use of available space. By prioritizing the use of vertical space, you can transform a cramped balcony into a charming and functional corner. Installing wall shelves is a smart way to use walls to display plants or decorative items. These shelves can be placed various plants and accessories, it will bring life and color to your balcony. Using hanging planters or planters attached to railings is another effective method to maximize space. These solutions keep the soil clean while adding a touch of greenery.

Climbing plants, when run along a trellis, can create a green wall attractive. This type of design not only brings beauty to your outdoor space, but can also provide additional privacy by creating a balcony privacy screen. Additionally, adding mirrors to your balcony can dramatically change its appearance. Mirrors optically expand the space and reflect natural light, making the balcony brighter and more welcoming. This tip is especially useful in small spaces, where each design element can have a significant effect on the overall atmosphere.

Arranging a balcony with plants can turn into a real decorative project.
Arranging a balcony with plants can turn into a real decorative project. 

What plants to choose for the balcony?

Arranging a balcony with plants can turn into a real decorative project that will not only give your outdoor space an aesthetic touch, but also a sense of well-being and nature. To make the right choice, it is essential to take into account the desired decorative style, sunlight and available space. Here are some plant styles to consider beautify your balcony.

  • Hanging plants: they add an attractive vertical dimension. Ivy, trailing petunias or verbenas create a stunning waterfall effect, ideal for balustrades or hanging planters;
  • Flowering plants: geraniums, begonias or nettles bring an explosion of color and are great for sunny or semi-shaded balconies;
  • Aromatic plants: thyme, basil, mint or lavender, useful in cooking, also release pleasant aromas, combining utility and aesthetics;
  • Leafy plants: hostas or ferns with their large leaves are ideal for shady corners and bring a touch of fresh greenery;
  • climbers: Armand’s clematis or Virginia creeper are excellent for creating a green wall on available structures, providing privacy and beauty;
  • Succulents and cacti: for low maintenance and modern style, opt for succulents and cacti that are sun tolerant and require little watering.

In addition to ornamental plants, grow a small vegetable garden on your balcony is a practical and aesthetic option. The use of suitable flower pots will allow you to grow vegetables and aromatic herbs on the balcony, a touch of freshness and nature. Growing your own vegetables and aromatic herbs, such as cherry tomatoes, radishes or basil, brings not only personal satisfaction, but also a practical and decorative dimension. This allows you to enjoy a fresh and healthy harvest while beautifying your outdoor space.

This little corner of greenery, in addition to being a decorative element, contributes to the natural and rural spirit and brings a sense of peace and well-being. By combining different types of plants, you will create an outdoor space that is beautiful, functional and soothing, turning your balcony into a true urban retreat.

How to make a backstage balcony?

So that your balcony and cocoon space, choose soft and comfortable fabrics. Cushions, throws for cool evenings and outdoor rugs add a touch of comfort. String lights or solar lanterns can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the evening. Plants with dense foliage, such as bamboo or small shrubs, can create a more intimate and sheltered space.

With these tips, turning your balcony into a hanging garden will become a project that is both feasible and rewarding. Whether your space is large or small, there are solutions to make it one resting place and beauty. Let your creativity shine and enjoy this haven of peace in the heart of the city.

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