What permission do you need to build a patio in your garden?

To fully enjoy being outside, what could be better than a terrace. But beware, the construction of such a device in your garden is subject to certain rules. Sometimes prior notification of works or even a building permit is required. Here’s everything you need to know before starting your project, according to the French administration’s website.

Terrace on the ground floor

First, the good news: the construction of a terrace on one level, that is, not elevated or very slightly elevated, is generally not subject to no prior permission. However, this rule is different if you are in a protected area, such as a notable monument, a listed site or near a historic site. Here, the construction of such a terrace requires a previous declaration of work. Discover here good plans to build your terrace at the best price.

In any case, “your project must comply with the rules of the PLU (local land use plan), even if it is not subject to authorization,” the administration reminds. “Before starting work, you must consult the PLU or the spatial planning document at the town hall.”

Raised terrace

In the case of a raised terrace, the legislation differs. In a municipality with PLU, prior notification of works up to an area of ​​40 m² is required. In addition, it is necessary to obtain building permit.

The rules are even stricter if the municipality is not covered by a PLU. For a raised terrace from 5 m² to 20 m², prior notification of the work is mandatory. A building permit is then required. Please note that in a protected area without a PLU, a prior declaration of work is required even for a raised terrace of less than 5m².

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