“Who wants to be my partner?” “. His app helps you find gardeners near you with one click

This is already one of the revelations of the fourth series “Who wants to be my partner?” » on M6. Fabio Coupas convinced investor Anthony Bourbon on Wednesday, January 17, with his busy path and his entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 21, after falling into alcohol and drugs, the young man takes revenge: in January 2023, he officially founded CominGaïa. The platform connects individuals and gardeners.

Fabio Coupas started with just 100 euros in his pocket and used his first paycheck to buy a caravan to escape the family home. He approached clients and took on projects with courage. He then identified several problems that he is now trying to solve with his app and his website.

Find a professional quickly

“Customers have trouble finding a gardener near them. It takes time: you have to bring them home, wait for the offer and study it, look for the opinions of former customers,” he analysed. Everything goes faster on CominGaïa. They must enter their zip code, answer a few questions about their property and project, and then access a list of professionals. “They can choose a maximum of ten. The selected gardeners will receive the project and send them a price offer within 24 hours,” summarizes Fabio Coupas.

Today approx 600 gardeners are registered on the platform. “Since the broadcast of the show, we have signed up around fifty per day,” confirms Fabio Coupas. To help customers choose between all these professionals, CominGaïa distributes certifications to some. Gardeners must have at least ten positive reviews from previous customers to take advantage of this promotion. “This guarantees their work, their mentality and, of course, reassures customers,” assures the young sales manager.

For whom ?

CominGaïa provides coverage “all over France” thanks to its network of professionals. Services range from regular or occasional garden maintenance to balcony design. “The typical profile of our clients: a family with two children, the parents are between 30 and 45 years old, they have plots of land from 100 to 200 m²,” explains the businessman. But the company also focuses on city dwellers with small exteriors. In all cases, website users pay nothing to CominGaïa. “They just have to pay for the service of the professional they have chosen,” he adds.

Landscape gardeners also benefit from this: no more prospecting and, above all, they get support for administrative management. In fact, CominGaïa helps them in particular to create offers or invoices. “It’s an app I wish I had when I started,” swears Fabio Coupas, also founder of service company Coupas Jardin.

Franchise soon?

During the show, Anthony Bourbon agreed to invest 200,000 euros against 11% of the capital of Fabia Coupase. In addition to receiving financial assistance, the young man of course benefited from widespread media attention. “With my career, I want to prove that anything is possible and that we can succeed,” he tells us.

He dreams of modernizing the image of the gardening profession, which is often seen as a “bypass” for young people with educational problems. He believes in this market and will soon launch his own franchise modeled after his first company founded in 2021. “At Coupas Jardins we have developed a method, a strategy and an image. I started with 100 euros to reach a turnover of a million euros,” he argues. Within a year, he hopes to bring the enthusiasts together under the same brand, the name of which has not yet been chosen.

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