The first photovoltaic park in Grand Cahors rises from the ground

The project has come to fruition in recent months. A new date has been announced and it allows us to plan ahead: the network connection is planned for this October.

It’s a new story unfolding for Fil d’Or. A story that even dates back to February 2022. This month, President Guillaume Coulon and members of the Fil d’Ohm association met with the mayor of Cieurac, Guy Peyrus, and the elected officials.

Objective: a local project belonging to the social and solidarity economy, a feasibility study for the establishment of the first photovoltaic park in Grand Cahors… and in the city of Cieurac!

During the public meeting in May of the following year, many points were clarified, especially in terms of economic decisions by participating in the project and engaging in the energy future.

The 7,000 m² site is the man-made site of a former landfill that has been closed for decades.

The association is a partner of Enercoop, a green and local energy cooperative, supported by institutional partners: Adème, DDT, DREAL, Agrokomora and Region Occitanie.

Consultations with DDT and LPO (absence of negative effects and protection of fauna and flora) proved positive.

The meeting of the village council was voted unanimously on March 7, 2023. After the CDPENAF (Commission for the Protection of Natural, Agricultural and Forest Areas) agreed, the land surveyor determined the boundaries of land ownership in the presence of the owners. .

Civic actors of change number 110 Fil d’Ohm members for a capital of €38,000, the region finances €1 per €1 citizen, i.e. €76,000 and 2 members TE 46: €20,000 and CD 46: €25,000.

The project costs €270,000 and the electricity is sold at €92.5 per MWh to Enercoop Midi-Pyrénées: a regional civic cooperative for the sale and purchase of green energy. The date of connection to the network is planned for the end of October 2024.

Technically, Mecowood from Capdenac was chosen: wooden posts (trimmed trees), no concrete, no foundation and no environmental impact. A participatory project ended this month: volunteers, members and associations. The chairman of the association and the mayor recently signed a thirty-year lease with a notary. Fil d’Ohm is working on a program around Cahors: a cluster of several human-sized solar parks in a selected area. A study is underway in the municipality of Constans, the aim of which is to bring together new members and obtain tax-exempt shares.

Coming soon: it will be possible to take shares in the form of an associated current account (CCA) with a yield of 5% (higher than Livret A).

The inauguration is planned for September.

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