Municipal council: an agrovoltaic project that divides

Elected officials worked at length to create a park to install solar panels.

There was no shortage of depth at the Municipal Council this week in Labastide-Saint-Pierre with a file that blew everyone’s minds. However, there were several crucial points that marked the beginning of the session, in particular the departure of the General Director of Services, Jean-Charles Pidou, who exercised his mobility rights: “Our director is leaving us in July, it is appropriate to prepare the rest,” informed Mayor Jérôme Beq. After discussing several points related to the future retirement home, the elected representatives tackled the crucial issue of voting on the establishment of an agro-voltaic park, managed by energy producer Valeco, which will stretch from Labastide to Campsas. This perspective brought Jean-Luc Boch to the fore when he argued a slideshow that presented the basic points of the project, not always well received by elected officials: “The assembly must express its opinion on the feasibility of this launch, because we are talking about an operation that will last forty years.” pointed out the deputy mayor. With commissioning planned for 2027, the participants discussed problems, sometimes limited in time, as well as symbols that attract attention: “You are presenting us with an exclusive project implemented by a single service provider, without any comparison, with manufactured panels. in China it is ideal for the carbon footprint,” Jean-Claude Vergnes worried, condemning the possibly overstated presentation. Séverine Veyrac regretted the short timing with regard to considerations adapted to such a problem. Despite numerous delays, the council issued a favorable opinion, but at the end of the meeting the elected officials remained divided: “There is indeed reason to doubt”. But the team spirit remains and there should still be many questions in the coming months.

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