Do you need a permit to install solar panels in your garden?

How about installing solar panels in your garden to generate your own electricity? This solution should be of particular interest to those who cannot use their roof for various reasons. However, in certain cases it is necessary to obtain a building permit from your town hall to install these panels, as explained on the website of the French administration.

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A question of strength and height

Regulations vary depending on the performance and height of the installation. If the power is less than 3 kW and the maximum height above the ground does not exceed 1.80 m, you do not need any authorization.

Only from 3 kW to 1000 kW previous statement of work is required before installation. Above 1,000 kW, a building permit must be obtained.

And in the protected sector?

These restrictions are different if you are in a protected area. As a reminder, protected sites include notable heritage sites, classified sites, nature reserves and even national parks.

As far as your property is concerned, any ground PV installation of less than 3 kW requires a prior statement of work. Besides, you have to ask building permit. EDF says on its website that installation “takes a day or even two depending on site specifics”. And although this investment is important, it allows you to significantly save and appreciate your property.

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