Easily store your garden tools with this inexpensive shed

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When we think of a garden shed, we often think of a shed that takes up space outside and can be difficult to install. It is less known, but there are small garden houses that can easily serve as a shed to store many tools. This type of shed generally takes little time to install and is also reasonably priced to purchase. Proof, with this accessible model from Outsunny, that you can have it delivered to your home in a few days. This Outsunny garden shed currently costs €219.90 on the Vente-Unique website.

The ideal garden house for storing your tools

This garden hut measures 77cm wide, 54cm long and 179cm high. It takes up little space on the ground and therefore can be easily installed in a modest garden. It is made of pre-oiled fir wood and has a bitumen roof that protects it from UV rays and moisture. It is a shelter designed to effectively withstand the changing seasons. In addition, since it is mounted on four legs and has a floor, it protects its contents from ground moisture: you do not have to build the floor yourself, as is often the case with larger garden sheds. Inside there are three shelves, each with a load capacity of 10 kg. Enough to store your gear in an organized way so you always have it on hand for gardening and DIY.

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3 good areas to use for your garden:

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