Fintech Palabres 2nd Edition: The Fintech Ecosystem in DRC Highlighted by Yogo Dubois!

As promised a week ago, 2Thursday The edition of the forum based on the financial technology ecosystem in the DRC took place this Thursday, March 28, 2024 at the Fleuve Congo Hôtel under the auspices of the President of the Republic, Félix Antoine Tshisekedi, with the main theme: “Entrepreneurship and FinTech Ecosystem Development in the DRC”.

For the organizers, who are the DRC FinTech Association (DFA), the Public Relations Presidency and the Agency for Digital Development, this second edition is a continuation of the first, the theme of which was to be handled in the form of a palaver in African . They realized that in ancient Africa, community members would gather under a tree to discuss, resolve conflicts, make decisions, receive ideas, and exchange in peace and tranquility. This is why it has become imperative to establish a two-way communication between the actors (Fintech entrepreneurs, regulators and industries) as the digital transformation in Africa continues to offer technology-enabled financial services.

For this purpose, 4 discussions have been preserved for the said release. Entrepreneurship and Ecosystems, Interfaces for Sector Development: DFA, Banks and Cryptocurrencies Partnership and finally Mobile Money Partnership. Mr. Dominique Mighishi, coordinator within the Congolese Digital Agency, in his opening remarks just before the start of the first palaver defined the framework in which this forum took place and recalled the wishes of Félix Tshisekedi, then newly elected in 2019, to make digital one from the levers of development in the DRC. On her part, Ms. Laetitia Kelende of the ARPTC highlighted the role of the ARPTC in supporting FinTech through regulation so that consumers can enjoy quality services at measured prices. Enforce laws and define pricing laws within a technical framework.

Yogho Dubois, DFA president in the 2ndThursday panel on the interface for the development of the sector, reminded that it is with regard to the harmonization of exchanges between fintechs and their regulatory authorities, the association of companies using innovative technology models, to solve existing or emerging problems of the digital financial services sector, to single out the priorities of the sector, to develop the economic activity of its members, to promote financial inclusion, created the DRC FinTech Association. It is an interface working for the development of the financial technology sector in the region.

It should be noted that the Fintech palaver is a forum organized to create a platform to discuss current issues in the financial technology sector in the DRC and Africa. And for 2024, it was a question of valorizing the fintech ecosystem, supporting entrepreneurship and financial inclusion, sharing advances in fintech, and leading an open conversation between public authorities and the private sector.

On behalf of Madame Bibiche Kabengele who represented the Head of State at this forum under her high patronage, Mr. Yogho Dubois insisted that this forum is also a meeting place for businesses, business opportunities, lobbying (public and private) and influencing both nationally and internationally .

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