Make a heart-shaped plant in less than 10 minutes? Possible. Proof in the video!

Innovate this Valentine’s Day! Let us guide you through an original, easy and quick creation that only requires a few elements that you probably already have in your home.

DIY gift for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is more than just a commercial holiday; it is a special moment to reaffirm the feelings that bind you and your partner. This year, put aside traditional bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates in favor of a gift that is out of the ordinary: heart shaped plant. This DIY project is simple to make and will impress your significant other, and the result is so realistic that it looks like a real plant heart.

How to make a vegetable heart?

Follow these instructions:

Necessary material:

  • Branches: choose those that are flexible to make shaping easier;
  • Pots or containers;
  • vegetable foam;
  • Glue for creative hobbies;
  • Hot glue gun.

Production steps:

Making hearts from branches:

  1. Choose flexible branches, ideally willow, that bend without breaking;
  2. Create a heart silhouette by bending the branches and connecting the ends;
  3. Use wire or twine to hold the heart shape.


  1. Use a glue gun to securely attach the heart to the branch;
  2. Coat the heart with craft glue, then apply foam over the entire shape;
  3. Put the floral foam in the pot and plant a branch there;
  4. Add rocks to stabilize the whole thing and finish with a layer of moss to hide the base.

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