Valentine’s Day: know all about the meaning of roses to avoid faux pas

It’s the flower for Valentine’s Day. Thousands of French people are preparing to offer roses to their loved ones this Wednesday, February 14. And since missteps are prohibited on Valentine’s Day, here are some valuable tips for breaking through the secret of the language of roses and put together a beautiful bouquet. Each color has its own meaning. Overview.

A red rose

By far, the red rose is given the most on Valentine’s Day. It symbolizes passionate, powerful, deep, spirited and lasting love, Interflora says on its blog. It is therefore ideal for a beautiful expression to your significant other.

Pink rose

Pink is the most suitable color for more tender declarations of love. Expresses more affection, loyalty and tenderness, and celebrates the beauty of the person who receives it. So it can be given on Valentine’s Day or on other occasions such as Mother’s Day.

Orange rose

For beginning stories of passion, the orange rose is ideal. It expresses both carnal desire and admiration. A bouquet of these flowers will allow you to reveal your desire to go further with the person. It can be offered especially to the person you are courting.

White Rose

The white rose symbolizes pure and sincere love. It’s more of a rose at marriage, at birth and new beginnings more generally. But in a more romantic context, its meaning may be different. For some, it is about expressing budding love, for others, it is more about making the other person understand that the relationship will remain platonic.

Yellow rose

Very delicate to slip into Valentine bouquets, the yellow rose is above all that friendship. On the other hand, offering a bouquet of yellow roses in a romantic context means infidelity or even a breakup. To prevent February 14!

You can change the colors in the bouquet to convey your exact feelings to others. But be careful, the number of flowers is also important. A single rose means, for example, love at first sight, two evoke forgiveness, a bouquet of 24 expresses gallantry and a bouquet of 36 red roses is ideal for professing your love.

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